A working-class woman . . . A mechanized female . . . A reluctant warrior

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Mechanic Anna Is Here!

The year was 1943. Humanity was locked in an epic battle of Good vs. Evil. No place on Earth was left unscathed. Millions of people were caught up in the grip of war. But there was someone among them who could fight this Evil.

She was a working-class woman, a mechanized female, a reluctant warrior. The one they call . . . MECHANIC ANNA!

Mechanic Anna, written and illustrated by Thomas Gianni

Thomas Gianni is a Chicago-based illustrator. His inspiration for Mechanic Anna comes from the great pulp stories of the 1920's, 30's and 40's, as well as the golden age of comic books. He attributes his love of this genre to such artists as Jack Kirby, Frank Frazetta, Will Eisner, Walter Baumhofer and George Rozen. Other influences for the book come from the great film noir directors of the 40's and 50's such as Orson Welles, Jules Dassin, Edward Dmytryk and Howard Hawks to name a few.

There's Something Rotten In Red Hook!

The faint whirring of a motor broke through the watery silence. Anna gasped for air as she tried to reach the surface, but something was weighing her down. Horrified, she looked down and saw those things gleefully clinging to her legs, pulling her back down into that terrible darkness. Panic overtook her, and her attempt to scream was forced back by water pouring into her lungs.

The Menace Within

Red Hook's waterfront was overshadowed by the heavy-fisted control of the Mafia. Umberto “Ten Grand” Fratianno lit a cigarette as he contemplated the sprawling silhouette of the New York skyline. His mind shot back to the night in the garage when that freak Scarlatti took a swing at him. How dare a woman defy him! Even the nuns back at St. Mary's couldn't do that.

Intimidation and Enforcement

Mama Scarlatti crossed Sullivan Street onto Conover. It was dark despite the street lights. As she turned the corner towards the garage, a car screeched up the sidewalk! Startled, she backed against a brick wall in disbelief. The car inched towards her getting so close that the silver bumper pinned her legs against the wall. The men inside the car just glared at her.


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